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  • How do I place an order?
    Fill out our online order form! Rachael will review the details of your order request and contact you to confirm design, pricing and payment details. Please note, your order is not considered placed until Rachael has contacted you for confirmation and collected the nonrefundable deposit of $30. This deposit holds your event spot on our calendar and will be applied to your order total, which is collected upon delivery.
  • How soon can I get my cookies?
    Each order requires a minimum of 2 week lead time. Orders above 4 dozen require longer lead times and vary by order size, design specifications, level of detail, color palette and more. Please fill out the online order form or contact Rachael at for more information.
  • What if I need my order sooner?
    Orders of 4 dozen or less can be requested at one-week lead time for a rush fee of $25 per dozen, depending upon availability. Please contact us at if you need an order rushed.
  • Can I cancel an order once it has been confirmed?
    Yes and no. Orders that have been confirmed can be canceled if the agreed upon delivery date is still more than 2 weeks out. For large orders, cancellation varies by event. We collect a $30 nonrefundable deposit when you order; this deposit will apply to your order total, which is collected in full upon delivery. Because Cookies by Rae creates highly personalized designs, custom supplies are often secured for your order and cannot be returned if you cancel.
  • What's in your cookies?
    The following ingredients are used in a batch from Cookies by Rae, from most prominent to least: Confectioner's sugar, flour, unsalted butter, egg, water, meringue powder, vanilla extract, baking powder, salt, butter emulsion, and gel food coloring. Your order comes with an ingredient list to ensure all your guests know what they're getting in a bite of our cookies.
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